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All New students are expected to Resume from Monday 25th September, 2017 (Registration Starts: Monday 25th September, 2017). Please Print Admission Letter for eligibility. Thanks


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Aims And Objectives
Dr. Jegede Andrews O.
Chairman, C.E.O

Our Vision

- To train middle cadre manpower in the fields of business, applied science, engineering and technology.

- To train technical personnel and provide skills for the country's youth in agricultural, industrial, commercial and economic areas for development.

- To provide necessary training and skills that will assist individual in aquiring enterprising skill and potential thereby making such self-reliant and a major contributor to national growth and development.

Our Mission

" To create a result oriented educational institution with an international outlook, producing highly skilled man power with a firm commitment to excellence".

Core Values

- Integrity.- Professionalism.

- Decency.- Self discipline.

Latest News & Events
This is to inform all 2010 and above graduates of St.Winifred that the final Diploma Certificate is ready for collection..... Please Click to read more Thanks
      * All new students are expected to confirm and print admission letter starting Monday 25th September, 2017 (Registration Starts: Monday 25th September, 2017). Confirm Admission...
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