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All New students are expected to Resume from Monday 25th September, 2017 (Registration Starts: Monday 25th September, 2017). Please Print Admission Letter for eligibility. Thanks


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St. Winifred Organs
Dr. Jegede Andrews O.
Chairman, C.E.O

         The constitution of St. Winifred is supreme and abiding guidelines for the smooth running and management of the Institution.

The Governing Council: The administration of the institution is vested in the Governing Council. The council issues policy guide lines and determine the major responsibilities of all organs of the institutions.

The Rector: He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Institution. The Rector is responsible for the implementations of all directives, policies, and mandate of the Governing Council. He is responsible to the Governing Council. 

      The rector give account of all administrative, personnel, financial and academic matters to the governing council.

The Registrar: He is responsible for all academic matters, and personnel matters. He assist the Rector to discharge all personnel, and Academic matters. The Registrar is responsible to the Rector for all his activities. He serve as the Secretary of the Governing council.

The Bursary:The Bursary is the Head of account department. He is responsible to the Rector and is expected to assist the Rector discharge and perform all his financial responsibilities.

The Librarian: The Librarian presides on all Library affairs. He determines and recommend   to the Rector the necessary acquisition for the library and general reading of the school.

The four Principal Officers and Head of Department of all schools are composed into board of studies.

Latest News & Events
This is to inform all 2010 and above graduates of St.Winifred that the final Diploma Certificate is ready for collection..... Please Click to read more Thanks
      * All new students are expected to confirm and print admission letter starting Monday 25th September, 2017 (Registration Starts: Monday 25th September, 2017). Confirm Admission...
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