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St. Winifred ICT Faculty is the first of its kind in Nigeria. The faculty of ICT was separated from main National Diploma Programme just of recent. It was the intention of the management to make our graduates professional ICT Developers and Programmers. Equally of importance in the vision of the ICT faculty is professional Database Administrator graduates.

The ICT Faculty is divided into two sub departments:

In order to make our graduates industry focused the ICT Faculty is limited to the two industry leaders. Candidates can resolve to run other ICT Programme at their volition. The faculty may not support such training and options.

The intention of the ICT Faculty is to combine both the academic programmes with the professional programmes. Costs for the programmes are separate and payable at different time.
You are going to be vigorously tested to be admitted to the ICT Faculty and the interview is meant to select the most talented hands and brain to develop future ICT experts for the Nation.

You are welcome, please apply.     ADVANCE ORACLE JAVA SE || CISCO PROGRAMME

The St. Winifred IT Academy provides a comfortable medium to access the subscription-based membership program designed by Oracle technologies, Cisco technologies and Microsoft technologies to help schools offer students and educators learning solutions for IT skills training and certification, as well as technology essentials for professionals. Access to these resources can help students build a successful future with the skills that employers seek.

This program also offers educators and IT staff the opportunity to move with the latest trend in technologies. Best of all, its built-in flexibility makes it easy to integrate these technologies into new or existing curricula, so educators can cordinate classes to meet the needs of students of all ages starting from secondary school level and other levels of experience.

The IT Academy program is designed for accredited academic institutions to help support ongoing technology education for a wide range of students and educators. The program features access to software licenses, E-Learning, official IT course materials, and certifications from Oracle Academy, Cisco Academy as well as Microsoft Academy that cover the spectrum of professions within the IT industry. E-Learning and course materials range from computer basics to high-level programming, along with information and communications technology (ICT) management.

The Microsoft IT Academy and St. Winifred Innovative Institute, Ibadan have worked together to award technical certifications, with test scores that soar above the state average. In 2008, St. Winifred became the first school in the country to have recordable percent of its IT Academy students achieve Microsoft Certifications.

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